The Benefits of Using a GPS Watch for Sports

gps watch for sports

We live in a technological era where GPS watch for sports have become commonplace among various types of athletes. There was a time when, in order to measure the distance and their heart rates, an athlete had to depend on actual physical pulse checking and maybe measuring the covered distances on a map. Obviously, although it worked back then, this way was inefficient.

Today, you can hardly find an athlete who doesn’t have a GPS enabled watch. One that measures the distance covered, the speed during that distance, the athlete’s heart rate and even the number of breaks they took and intervals in which they took those breaks. The data collected from these watches go a long way towards influencing the training parameters used; they show the athletes the areas in which they need to improve as well as what they are doing right or wrong.

Even though it can be argued that technology is taking over, there is a lot to be said for it. With that in mind, here are some of the most notable benefits that are to be gained through the use of GPS watch for sports.

They are extremely convenient

The convenience of these watches is undeniable. In past, athletes went to great pains to collect the kind of training and performance data that they simply download from their watches today. In order to be the best in their field, an athlete has to monitor their own progress. They have to be able to tell whether or not their speed is increasing; whether or not their heart rate is better and stronger with each run; whether or not they are meeting their set milestones. From mile splits, to distance and overall pace, an athlete needs all this so they can plan and adjust accordingly.

Having a gadget that can spew out all the necessary information at the blink of an eye is a highly convenient addition to this competitive world. Now athletes do not have to go through complex calculations while in the middle of their run just to know whether or not they are maintaining the right pace.

They allow runners to concentrate on the running

For athletes who do not have local tracks to measure distance intervals, keeping track of such milestones can be a real bother without the GPS wrist watch. Today, there are models of GPS watches that allow runners to

Best Golf GPS Watch

best golf gps watch

Are you looking for a Golf GPS Watch? We’ve taken the time to test out some of the best Golf GPS Watches on the market for you to pick from. We hope we can make your decision easier!

#1 Garmin Approach S6 (Our Review)

garmin approach s6 golf gps watch

The watch that comes first in our test to find the best Golf GPS watch is the most expensive (sorry! It seems you get what you pay for!) watch on test. The Garmin Approach S6 is an incredible watch and not only does it provide you with precise yardages to the front, middle and back of the green, it also provides you with an overhead map of the hole you are playing. This makes it perfect for those of you playing ultra-precision Golf!

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#2 Garmin Vivoactive (Our Review) (Our Review)


garmin vivoactive golf gps watch

Garmin take up the second spot in our list, too, with the Vivoactive. While the Garmin Vivoactive lacks some of the golfing features of other GPS watches on test here, you can still track yardage precisely. Due to it not being a Golf-specific GPS watch, it is also a fantastic GPS watch to use for other sports, such as running, cycling and swimming.

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#3 Golf Buddy WT4


golf buddy wt4 golf gps watch

The Golf Buddy WT4 is a good looking, smart, clear, precise and easy to use Golf GPS watch. The WT4 is definitely one of the toughest watches we have tested. It’s very similar to some of the more expensive handheld GPS Golfing devices and has features such as dynamic green view and pin placement, shot tracking mode, auto-course and hole recognition and precise yardages.

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#4 Golf Buddy WT5

golf buddy wt5 golf gps watch

Sportier than the Golf Buddy WT4, but just as tough, good-looking and easy to use, the Golf Buddy WT5 has the same features as the WT4 and can be had for around the same price. Due to its sporty looks, this can be used as a day-to-day watch as well – bargain!

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#5 Golf Buddy PT4

golf buddy pt4 golf gps watch

While not strictly a Golf GPS watch, the Golf Buddy PT4 is a fantastic handheld. The data on the device is far clearer than its predecessor, the Golf Buddy World Platinum and it also has a sleeker and slimmer design. With the Golf Buddy PT4 you get what you pay for, as with …

Best GPS Running Watch

best gps running watch

Are you looking for the best GPS Running watch? We’ve tested a variety of watches from different brands and price-points to bring you a list of our favourites.

#1 Garmin Forerunner 225

garmin forerunner 225 gps running watch

The Garmin Forerunner 225 is the first GPS running watch in the Garmin range to allow you to track your heart rate. This feature amongst others means that this watch definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s an incredibly feature-rich and well put-together running watch that offers insights into your training to enable you to take your running to the next level. It outshines similar GPS running watches, such as the Adidas SmartRun and the TomTom Cardio Runner, and unless you’re doing ironman events, it’s definitely the best GPS running watch currently available on the market.

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#2 Garmin Forerunner 620

garmin forerunner 620 gps running watch

The Forerunner range of GPS watches from Garmin has been leading the pack since they were first released.

The Forerunner 620 is an incredibly stylish GPS running watch that has a high-resolution, touch screen colour display. This display enables you to track all of your core stats, such as distance, pace and time. You can also track many other things and once you combine it with the built-in heart rate monitor, it estimates your VO2 max, which is the optimum rate at which your muscles, heart and lungs can use oxygen effectively during exercise. This is a great way to measure your aerobic capacity.

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#3 Polar M400

polar m400 gps running watch

While not as much of a looker as some of the other GPS running watches on this list, the Polar M400 is a rugged and very reliable running companion. You can track calories, steps and all of your runs via GPS. Setting the watch up is incredibly easy, and the Smart Coaching feature is good for providing you with a summary of how well you performed on your run.

Like we said earlier; it’s not much of a looker, so the chunky design probably means it’s not something you’d wear at any other time other than to work out. The battery life on this device is also very good, and should allow you to clock up around eight hours of running while using GPS. The great thing about this is that charging isn’t an issue as it is done using a microUSB charging port so you don’t have to mess around with charging cradles …