Best Golf GPS Watch

best golf gps watch

Are you looking for a Golf GPS Watch? We’ve taken the time to test out some of the best Golf GPS Watches on the market for you to pick from. We hope we can make your decision easier!

#1 Garmin Approach S6 (Our Review)

garmin approach s6 golf gps watch

The watch that comes first in our test to find the best Golf GPS watch is the most expensive (sorry! It seems you get what you pay for!) watch on test. The Garmin Approach S6 is an incredible watch and not only does it provide you with precise yardages to the front, middle and back of the green, it also provides you with an overhead map of the hole you are playing. This makes it perfect for those of you playing ultra-precision Golf!

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#2 Garmin Vivoactive (Our Review) (Our Review)


garmin vivoactive golf gps watch

Garmin take up the second spot in our list, too, with the Vivoactive. While the Garmin Vivoactive lacks some of the golfing features of other GPS watches on test here, you can still track yardage precisely. Due to it not being a Golf-specific GPS watch, it is also a fantastic GPS watch to use for other sports, such as running, cycling and swimming.

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#3 Golf Buddy WT4


golf buddy wt4 golf gps watch

The Golf Buddy WT4 is a good looking, smart, clear, precise and easy to use Golf GPS watch. The WT4 is definitely one of the toughest watches we have tested. It’s very similar to some of the more expensive handheld GPS Golfing devices and has features such as dynamic green view and pin placement, shot tracking mode, auto-course and hole recognition and precise yardages.

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#4 Golf Buddy WT5

golf buddy wt5 golf gps watch

Sportier than the Golf Buddy WT4, but just as tough, good-looking and easy to use, the Golf Buddy WT5 has the same features as the WT4 and can be had for around the same price. Due to its sporty looks, this can be used as a day-to-day watch as well – bargain!

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#5 Golf Buddy PT4

golf buddy pt4 golf gps watch

While not strictly a Golf GPS watch, the Golf Buddy PT4 is a fantastic handheld. The data on the device is far clearer than its predecessor, the Golf Buddy World Platinum and it also has a sleeker and slimmer design. With the Golf Buddy PT4 you get what you pay for, as with all Golf Buddy products, as there is a one-time fee and no ongoing costs. All updates are available via the Golf Buddy website, where there are also more than 37,000 courses worldwide that are pre-loaded.

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#6 SkyCaddie Aire II

skycaddie aire ii golf gps watch

The Aire II by SkyCaddie features their new Intelligent Automation, which they say keeps your hands free and enables you to keep the rest of you focused on playing Golf. One con to the SkyCaddie Aire II is the fact that you are required to pay for additional features, such as distances to hazards and the shape of the greens on courses. Other than this, the SkyCaddie Aire II provides you with a fantastic unit that is accurate, versatile and light.

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#7 SkyCaddie Linx

skycaddie linx golf gps watch

Incredibly fashionable and incredibly effective, the SkyCaddie Linx is a great Golf GPS watch that enables you to have access to precise distances to the front, back and middle of the green based on your angle of approach. Like SkyCaddie’s Aire II though, one con is that you’ll be required to pay a fee annually for additional features.

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#8 SkyCaddie Touch

skycaddie touch golf gps watch

Another incredible SkyCaddie unit (and the third one on this list from them!) is the Touch. The SkyCaddie Touch is accurate, beautifully designed and incredibly clear. This is one of our favourite units due to its very well presented and high quality display. Like the other SkyCaddie devices on this list, you’ll have to pay annual fees and it also has a fairly large price tag.

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#9 TomTom Golfer

tomtom golfer golf gps watch

The TomTom Golfer is a great first addition by TomTom to the golf GPS watch market. It’s very stylish, lightweight, sleek and comfortable. Amongst other things, the Golfer allows you to track precise yardages to the front, middle and back of the green. The styling of this watch is incredibly similar to the Apple Watch.

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We hope this article has been helpful in helping you choose which one you feel is the best Golf GPS watch.

If you already have one, which watch are you currently using, and why?

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